This page is dedicated to those men and their families who have made a difference and who have now ridden on.

 Colin Menzies, 25th May 2012 Loved by Annie and his very wonderful family.  Colin was a real gentle man.  He was a journalist and worked on many print media including Two Wheels as sub editor.  Colin did many rides with the Long Ride and became friends with all.  Many a rider would be proud to call him a mate.  He is sadly missed by many.  Ride on mate.  

A Long Ride Legend - Terry Cairns 26 June 2012

 Terry Cairns 26 June 2012.  Terry was an original Long Ride Legend from the 2007 ride to Darwin and he also rode to Perth in 2008.  He is loved by Rosie and his very close family.  Rosie was the love of Terry's life.  Terry meet many new friends on the Long Ride all of whom will remember him always.

Ride on mate. 

John Moriarty - 31 May 2015

John sadly passed away after a huge effort to beat his recent illness.  He remained positive throughout his recent treatment and showed great strength of character and courage to all who helped during this phase.  He was looking forward to getting back to Bundaberg to his family and Christine and getting ready for his next ride.

John made a great many friends in all his endeavours and was loved by all in return.  John is a Long Ride Legend and will be remembered with love by all.  Ride well mate.

Richard Ridings
Richard sadly passed away suddenly and will be missed by his family and friends.  Richard was always keen to lend a hand to anyone in trouble and very passionate about his fund raising activities.  He liked to ride the Long Ride and to interact with others.  A veteran and a wonderful man.  Ride long and hard mate.

Tony Sonneveld

Tony had a long and courageous fight against prostate cancer while at the same time managed to become the Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation NSW, manage his own business and look after his family and grandchildren.  He is sadly missed by Viv and his children and grandchildren.  He was also very supportive of all people who cared for others within the PCFA family, including the Long Ride. A man of rare courage and leadership.

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